The Capacity Building in Higher Education (CBHE) Virtual Fair is an online event aiming to raise awareness on how results of CBHE projects can improve the Higher Education sector in the Partner countries. Through the best practices and the results achieved by 2015-2020 funded projects that will be showcased in the thematic sessions of the Virtual Fair, academics, university managers, students and national policy makers can be inspired to shape the next generation of CBHE projects. The Virtual Fair offers the opportunity to listen to professors and staff who succeeded in improving teaching methodologies, expanding the educational offer and enhancing governance efficiency of their HE Institutions. During the two days, about 100 CBHE projects from all regions of the world will display their most relevant results in 28 dedicated sessions and in 16 training sessions. You will have the possibility to attend subject- specific sessions where results of projects in agriculture, engineering, health, etc. are presented and to attend cross-disciplinary sessions with achievements in topics as digitalisation, innovation management, soft skills. Please consult our rich programme staging projects implemented in 65 different countries all over the world in order to find the most convenient sessions for you and your colleagues in the youtube channel created for the event.




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