Affaf Sebbar (EMJM 2020) is one of our amazing alumni: brilliant, generous, humanist and life lover. She is an Erasmus Mundus joint master scholarship holder (2020). Her dream is to be a diplomat. She is the head of communication and public relations of the NGO “Global diplomats”. She received several awards for her high standards, commitment and professionalism. Here is our interview with this 21 year old “Casawi” ..
Your Curriculum …?
Bac BIOF (BAC international option Française) Physique-Chimie License in “Littérature Anglaise” from Université Hassan II of Casablanca. Currently, student at the Double Master Erasmus Mundus in South European Studies / European and International affairs (Euro-Mediterranean cooperation track).
What Erasmus Mundus Joint master (EMJM) changed for you ?
I had the opportunity to study in Scotland, Spain, France and have a winter school in Portugal. I never imagined I would be able to have this educational experience, especially at my 1st destination, University of Glasgow, one of the UK’s oldest and most prestigious institutions and a member of the British Russell Group (The UK equivalent to the Ivy League).
I have to admit that when I accepted the scholarship offer I did not have a clear career plan, but as the days went, and with the various mobilities I was able to study a little of everything and even earn a B1 level in Italian and A2 level in Spanish thanks to the free language courses we have access to.

What have you achieved ?

As we’re approaching the end of my program, I have finished all courses and only have to finish my internship to graduate. I have passed all my exams in the 3 destinations with mostly good/ very good distinctions.
It should be mentioned that we have a special career development fund in my program that financially helps us assist many events and conferences. I was able to participate in the COY16 of COP26 in Glasgow as well as fund my trip to Egypt to chair a Model United Nations thanks to this fund.
During the first two semesters, I had a lot of free time and was able to develop my linguistic skills as well as participate in various events in the European Parliament, United Nations Office in Geneva and World Youth Forum, among others.
The third semester however was quite hectic as it is when the 2nd part of the double masters was added so I chose to focus on my courses and take a break from extracurriculars.
The program’s administration was always very understanding and had no problem with me traveling back to Morocco quite often to serve in my organization, Global Diplomats.
Without forgetting that the program grants us international health and personal belongings insurance which came very handy since I was once robbed in Spain and lost my passport there; I was surprised at how helpful the program was and I was able to get back everything I lost thanks to the excellent insurance.

How EMJM changed your life ?

In two years, I have gone from being an English Literature graduate with an interest in international relations (IR) to a true IR enthusiast with 12 research papers, (Hopefully) a double Master’s studied in 4 countries, and two internships in international organizations and foreign affairs agencies. None of this would have been possible without Erasmus Mundus. My parents’ support and pride has also been a great motivation and the scholarship was able to lift a lot of financial weight off their shoulders. And finally, I could not finish this intervention without thanking Mme.Latifa Daadaoui, head of Erasmus office in Morocco for her constant support. Latifa has been an older sister, a mom and a mentor for me and has always encouraged me to reach for the stars!

Your advice for anyone interested in EMJM …
Invest as much time as possible in extracurriculars related to your field and improve your linguistic abilities (Especially English), and start applying as soon as 6 months before the deadline to perfect your application.
I did not expect to get accepted either, do not underestimate yourself and go for it and always DREAM BIGGER !

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