I am Sofyan Essarraoui, I was born in Zagora, Morocco. I am graduate of a Master’s Program entitled “Linguistics and Advanced English Studies” from Cadi Ayad University. In 2019, I was admitted into Fulbright FLTA  program through which I was an Arabic Instructor at Bennett College in The United States of America.  In 2017, I was accepted into Erasmus+ exchange program to The Czech Republic. The time I spent there, especially being the first time, helped in so many respects. Not only was I able to learn new subjects and meet new people with different backgrounds, But also, and more importantly, I was able to immerse myself in the life of The Czech Republic. Being an Erasmus grantee was also a unique chance to expose myself to many cultural aspects such as music, dress code and food of the Czech Republic. On a personal level, Erasmus+ granted me the honor to meet with the Ambassador of Morocco, Her excellency Ms. Souraya Othmani, to The Czech Republic. Attached is a photograph I had with her.
After completing my semester in The Czech Republic, I was very keen on sharing my experience with many talented youth in Morocco. I do believe that such international experiences can and are very crucial in understanding new cultures, and opening up oneself internationally. For that reason, I decided to shoot a video detailing tips every candidate to Erasmus mobility should bear in mind. What I explained in the video is not to be taken as the general norms, but is a purely personal experience aiming at enlightening any possible candidate.  

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